Tổng giám đốc Nguyễn Anh Dũng

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Minh Đức C&T was founded in 2012 by the  joint between CSC Singapo and Minh Duc (both especially foundation work)

In 2013 Minh Duc handed over all from CSC Singapo and In the mean time Minh Đức C&T was the branch of Son Truong Group. New Business Strategy of đây Minh Đức C&T had enhanced base on advances of Son Truong group below:

-    Minh Duc branding: foundation work ( www.betongminhduc.com )
-    Viet Duc Branding: Remicon  ( www.betongvietduc.vn )
-    Sontruong Branding: 1st distributor of Posco steel (www.sontruong.com.vn)
-    Hong Duc Branding: Fabrication & contruction machines
-    CSC singapo branding: foundation work (www.cschl.com.sg )

From 2013 to 2016 Minh Đức C&T has succeed milestones partner in market such as MA Builder ( Singapo ), Tan A Dai Thanh ( Vietnam ), Samsung C&T ( Korea ), Zentiaka ( Japan )…
With the slogen “ Forwarding the construction Art “Minh Đức C&T has new products about contruction material structure like hollow core, Acotex, Panel Slab…
New products will bring helpful advances saving like investment money, timeline of project and SYNC quality as well. This is futher a new trend of construction field in Vietnam and ASEAN.
Minh Đức C&T will sincerely wishes dear clients: Health, Success, Happiness and hopefully together Co-operate in near time.

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